Is Cider Fast Fashion? Brand Rating + Alternatives

Cider is a relatively new brand that has grown in popularity online, but Is Cider fast fashion?

They have a trendy website, share viral videos on TikTok, and stock all of the latest fashion trends — so it’s easy to get pulled in.

But, they have a serious lack of transparency around their manufacturing process.

We dug into the brand to see if Cider is a fast fashion brand and whether they’re putting any effort into sustainability. We’ll also look at alternatives to Cider that are worth considering.

Let’s jump in.

Ecothes Opinion: Overall Sustainability Score

Is Cider Fast Fashion

We give Cider a score of 0/5.

We sometimes give fast fashion brands a score of .5 or 1 if they’re offering some initiatives such as good recylcing programs or have shown proof that they’re making a positive impact in some way, either through how they treat their workers, or materials they’re beginning to incorporate.

Unfortunately, Cider publish zero information and offer no transparency into their processes, so the only conclusion we can come to is that Cider isn’t ethical.

What is Cider?

Cider is a Hong Kong based fashion brand that creates a huge variety of women’s clothing.

Is Cider Fast Fashion?
Cider are quick to respond to trends

The brand is quick to react to new trends and within days can release new collections and items that match what your favorite celebrities and influencers are wearing.

However, as we all know, producing such a high volume of items comes with a cost.

Is Cider Fast Fashion?

Yes — Cider is a fast fashion brand.

The brand is built on producing cheap clothing that follows the latest trends. It’s common to see them copy trends seen in viral TikTok videos and within days have a new product on the market at a bargain price to capitalize on the trend.

For example, you can buy a blouse for $8 or a dress for $12 — if you browse their items, you’ll see thousands of similarly priced items.

Cider's fast fashion business model
Clothing at this price generally isn’t sustainable

There’s no way that a brand can create clothes at this price in a sustainable way.

After the costs of sourcing ethical materials, paying fair wages, and using a factory that’s SA8000 certified (or similar), there’s no way in which this pricing model could work.

Cider rely on a model where they use low-cost materials, affordable factories, and don’t spend money ensuring any materials or stakeholders in their supply chain are sustainable.

It’s similar to brands like SHEIN, Romwe, and YesStyle in terms of sustainability — which is to say, there are no sustainability initiatives in place and next to zero transparency into how the clothes are made.

What Materials Does Cider Use?

Cider uses materials like:

None of Cider’s materials are GOTS Certified or have any other similar sustainability certifications.

Virgin polyester is extremely bad for the environment. It relies on fossil fuels to create and is not biodegradable, meaning it will stick around the earth for hundreds of years after you’re done with it. Recycled polyester is a better alternative, but it still has environmental drawbacks.

However, you guessed it; there’s no sign that Cider clothing is switching to using recycled polyester, and now the brand continues to use huge quantities of virgin polyester.

Is Cider Carbon Neutral?

Cider is not a carbon neutral brand and they make no claims to be carbon neutral. They also don’t have any initiatives to become carbon neutral through offsetting or emissions reduction.

Where are Cider Clothes Made and Does Cider Use Sweatshops?

All of Cider’s clothes are made in their partner factories in China, where they are then shipped straight to buyers.

The brand offers no details on the factories they use, and it doesn’t appear that their factories have any sustainability certifications or worker protection policies in place.

While this doesn’t automatically prove that the factories are bad, brands normally publicize any certifications they have. When we see that they’ve shared no information, it tends to mean there are no certifications or policies in place.

Is Cider Vegan?

Cider is not a vegan brand.

The company uses animal materials like Wool and doesn’t use any sustainable alternatives to animal materials.

We don’t have much more to say here — if you’re looking for a cruelty-free brand, don’t shop from Cider.

Does Brand Have A Clothing Recycling Program?

Cider does not have a clothing recycling program.

Ethical Alternatives to Cider

1. Afends

afends alternative to cider

Sustainability: Natural materials like hemp and organic cotton, plus supply chain transparency so you know where your clothes are made.

Best for: Tank tops, tees, dresses, skirts

Afends eco friendly alternative to Cider

2. For Days

For Days vs Cider

Sustainability: Zero-waste philosophy, clothing recycling program to reduce waste, and uses organic and recycled materials

Best for: Tank tops, jumpsuits, and ethical everyday clothes

Read our full breakdown of For Days’ sustainability here.

For Days sustainable brands like Mate the label

3. YesAnd


Sustainability: Organic and GOTS Certified fibers used, regenerative farming used in supply chain, supply chain transparency, and trees planted for every purchase

Best for: Eco-friendly basics — tops, bottoms, dresses, sweaters

YesAnd ethical alternatives to UO

4. Kotn

kotn alternative to cider

Sustainability: Certified B Corp, organic materials, and transparent supply chain

Best for: Sustainable minimalist clothing in modern boxy cuts


Does Cider use child labor?

Cider offers very little to no transparency into their operations. This isn’t enough to say that they are using child labor, but b

Is Cider better than Shein?

Cider and Shein are both very similar fast fashion brands. There is no evidence to suggest that Cider is more ethical than Shein, or vice versa. Both companies are low on our list of places we would ever support.

How is Cider clothing so cheap?

Cider’s clothing is so cheap for a few reasons. First, it has access to economies of scale. It creates a huge amount of clothing out of cheap materials, so are able to source it and produce clothing cheaply. Second, labor policies. It’s no secret that Cider’s production all takes place in places with labor laws that aren’t overly strict, and it won’t be paying high wages to workers.

We hope you found our analysis of the brand interesting. Make sure you check out the rest of our ratings of brands like Express, Blushmark, Aritzia, and Emmiol. Plus, discover the worst fast fashion brands to avoid.


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