15 Best Sustainable Running Shoe Brands for 2024

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Shopping for a new pair of running shoes is hard work – you need to ensure they fit your running style, are comfortable, match your gait type, and will hold up for as long as you need them. It’s even harder if you’re narrowing your choice down to include sustainable running shoes.

Despite the rapid growth in sustainable fashion brands, there’s still a lack of eco-friendly running shoes out there.

That’s why we put this guide together featuring the best sustainable running shoes on the market.

Don’t have time to read the full guide? Check out our top pick summary below:

Best for Short distance 5-10KAllbirds Tree Dashers

Best for Vegan Running ShoesOn Running

Best for SupportBrooks

Best Barefoot Running ShoesVivobarefoot

We’ve collected some of our favorite sustainable running shoes out there to help you find your ideal shoe.

We’re not going to show you any shoes that look like running shoes, but don’t actually provide real support or are designed only with looks in mind. These are all great shoes, made for running in.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the recommendations.

1. Allbirds Tree Dasher 2

Highlights: Super comfy, breathable, and lightweight everyday running shoe made from eucalyptus and merino wool. They have the world’s first carbon-negative green EVA.

Allbirds Tree Dasher 2.0
Allbirds Tree Dasher 2.0

First, we have the Allbirds Tree Dasher 2. I’ve used these for runs in the length of 5-10k and been impressed!

Allbirds is well-known for their minimalist, high-performance shoes, and the Tree Dasher 2 is the brand’s new evolution of running shoe.

Allbirds sustainable shoe grip

Evolved from the classic and much loved Tree Dasher, the Dasher 2 features a softer and grippier sole (pictured left), with added reflective detailing on the eyelets and laces for safer runs.

In addition to the upgrades on the Tree Dasher 2, the new version of the sustainable running shoe features an improved heel collar that helps lock the ankle in place. I definitely noticed some improved stability thanks to this update.

I did a deep dive review on the Tree Dasher shoe – check it out here.

The uppers are made from eucalyptus tree and merino wool and I’ve found this to be breathable and my feet never got too hot even on warm days. The sole is made of the world’s first carbon-negative green EVA, which includes natural materials such as sugar cane. There’s also good natural rubber traction pads as well, and I’ve never encountered slipping even on running after it’s recently been raining.

The Tree Dasher only emits 9 kg CO2e during the production process, which Allbirds then offset, turning them into a carbon neutral shoe. They’re a great option on your search for a sustainable running shoe.

Check out the quick video for how the Tree Dashers look on foot when moving.

I’ve found these to be great for running, but I’ve also ended up using them regularly for workouts and as an everyday sneaker. Click here to view them on the Allbirds site.

If you love the look of Allbirds running shoes, but want a running shoe which is more suited to running longer distances, check out the Allbirds Tree Flyer, a shoe with a tighter knit and an external counter heel which cushions your joints and provides a secure fit.

Allbirds Tree Dasher Pros

  • Breathable & lightweight
  • Responsive and supportive midsole
  • Updated heel support from the Dasher 1.0
  • Ideal everyday running shoe
  • Reflective lace eyelets

Allbirds Tree Dasher Cons

  • Not a huge amount of arch support
  • Not suitable for regular longer distances >10Km
  • Not waterproof (but waterproof styles are available)
Allbirds sustainable running shoes tree dasher 2
Allbirds Tree dasher 1 (left 1.5 years old) vs Allbirds Tree Dasher 2.0 (right)

2. On Running

Highlights: High-performance running shoes made with high-tech eco-friendly processes

On Running vegan running shoes

On Running use technology to continuously improve the materials and manufacturing process for their environmentally friendly running shoes.

They’re designed for performance, and have a variety of models to fit different running shoes and shoe preferences.

On’s shoes are lightweight, grippy, and personally, I love the unique looking soles.

These are definitely a great choice and a company to consider in your search for a pair of sustainable running shoes.

They’re also completely vegan running shoes (we reached out to them to confirm this), using no animal glues or materials.

On Running have released a new generation of the popular Cloudflow running shoe styles. The sleek re-engineered uppers give a streamlined look for seamless comfort, and now use 70% recycled polyester.

On Running Pros

  • Great selection of running shoes for all gait types
  • Suitable for long distances
  • Vegan brand
  • Eco-friendly

On Running Cons

  • Reviews say customer service can be poor

Also available at runnersneed.com, office.co.uk, and selfridges.com.

3. Vivobarefoot

Highlights: Minimal water usage, materials include cork, recycled rubber, natural yarns, and completely vegan.

Vivobarefoot vegan running shoes

Vivobarefoot is another sustainable running shoe brand that we definitely recommend.

As you can see on their sustainability page, every part of their brand has sustainability in mind.

In terms of materials, they ensure that everything is sourced in a responsible way. For example, when using leathers they source from wild roaming cattle and sustainably tanned hides. This minimizes water and chemical use in a typically energy-intensive process.

They also use sustainable materials including cork, recycled PET and rubber, and natural yarns.

Their end goal is to make running shoes that create zero waste and have no negative effects on the environment and communities involved in the production process.

Vivobarefoot Pros

  • Great selection of barefoot running shoes
  • Suitable for any distances
  • B Corporation
  • Eco-friendly

Vivobarefoot Cons

  • Only barefoot styles so no arch support
  • Not a vegan brand
  • Some updates on models means fit has changed

4. Allbirds Wool Dasher Mizzles

Highlights: Water-repellent shoes for wet weather running, made with sustainable materials. Carbon neutral.


The Allbirds Wool Dasher Mizzles are designed for runners who regularly run in wet and rainy conditions. They’re completely carbon neutral and made with sustainable materials.

The uppers are made with proprietary ZQ merino wool, which as a flourine-free waterproof coating so they never absorb water — perfect if you live in a rainy climate.

The Wool Dasher Mizzles have a grippy sole to ensure you never slip, made with FSC® Certified natural rubber treads, and a comfortable SweetFoam sole.

As rainy weather usually coincides with low visibility, they also have reflective highlights around the show to keep you safe.

If you want even more protection against the elements, Allbirds also make a version with a mid-height sock around the top.

Allbirds Mizzles Pros

  • Great for mid range runs
  • Waterproof & extra grip
  • B Corporation
  • Eco-friendly & Sustainable materials

Allbirds Mizzles Cons

  • Not Vegan because they contain wool
  • Slightly more expensive than dashers

5. Brooks Running

Highlights: High-performance shoes from one of the world’s leading running brands. They have sustainable initiatives focused on product sustainability, climate action, and responsible sourcing.

Brooks sustainable running shoes

Brooks is one of the world’s leading running brands, and for good reason. They produce a range of high-quality running shoes for a variety of running styles. If you visit a local running store, they’ll almost certainly stock several pairs of Brooks shoes.

I’ve personally used a pair of Brooks in the past and only had a good experience with the shoes. As a non-competitive runner, they lasted for around a year of regular runs before noticing any parts of the shoe start to have problems.

Over the last several years, Brooks have been incorporating more and more sustainable practices into their business. For example, wherever they use polyester, it includes at least 20% recycled content. They midsoles in Brooks contain organic, non-toxic compounds that means the EVA biodegrades 50x faster than in traditional running shoes. They also use 44% bluesign approved materials.

The company also has invested in eco-friendly headquarters in Seattle, which has LEED Platinum and ENERGY STAR certifications, using 75% less energy than traditional buildings.

They also have a wide range of other sustainability initiatives. Overall, it’s great to see such a well-known running brand investing in sustainability.

Sustainable running shoes Brooks shoes worn by Bethany
Editor Bethany is currently using Brooks Adrenaline gts 21 to train for a half marathon and finds the shoes have good arch support and shock absorption.

Brooks Pros

  • Long lasting shoes
  • Recycled materials
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Great erch support
  • Great cushioning

Brooks Cons

  • Not as ethical or sustainable as other brands listed here, but they do publish a full transparency report each year.

6. Icebug

Highlights: Trail and cold weather running shoe made from eco friendly materials. Carbon negative production process.

Icebugs sustainable trail running shoes

If you’re a winter runner needing shoes that will carry you over variable terrain, including snow and ice, then you need a pair of Icebugs.

You can choose from a variety of outdoor running shoes with studs (or unstudded).

Icebug are a sustainable pioneer. They’re the first climate positive footwear brand, offsetting 200% of the carbon emissions their production processes cuase.

They also donate 1% of their annual profit to charitable cuases.

Icebug uses a variety of eco-friendly materials in its sustainable trail running shoes, including bluesign® 100% recycled PET polyester, algae foam as an alternative to fossil-based EVAs, and they’re currently working towards using non-toxic water repellent.

Icebugs Pros

  • Great for trail running
  • Expert traction and grip
  • Carbon neutral

Icebugs Cons

  • Not a fully vegan brand but all running shoes are vegan

7. Merrell Moab Flight

Highlights: Trail running shoes made from eco-friendly and recycled materials. Excellent support for tough trails.

Merrel Moab Ethical Running Shoes

This trail running shoe from Merrell, the Moab Flight, is packed with eco-friendly features.

It has a 70% recycled mesh upper, 100% recycled laces, and a 50% recycled EVA foam insole. Plus, they’re cruelty-free with no animal products being used.

They’re designed for trail running, with a Vibram EcoStep sole, made from 30% recycled materials, Grip™ rubber outsole, and a rock plate for protection on hard trails.

Despite the strong support, they’re still relatively light, coming in at 1lbs-1oz (460g), and they offer strong arch support.

To sum it up: these eco-friendly Merrells are an awesome running shoe for trail and cross-country runners. They’re available in men’s and women’s variations.

Merrell Pros

  • High perfomance running shoes
  • Ideal for trail running
  • Good trail choices depending on gait type

Merrell Cons

  • Reviews say shoes don’t last as long as other brands
  • Not as many road running options available

8. Adidas x Parley

Highlights: Shoe made from recycled materials and ocean plastics, low energy and low water waste in the production process

Adidas Parley Recycled Running Shoes

We’ve mentioned this collaboration before, but it’s worth talking about again.

Adidas has teamed up with Parley to help clean the oceans.

All of the shoes in the Adidas x Parley range are made from recycled ocean plastic trash. Don’t worry, they look great too. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish the materials from other shoes, and we’re confident you’ll be impressed at just how good they are!

These sustainable and recycled running shoes are also created using a low energy and low water usage process.

Like other Adidas running shoes, these sustainable trainers are designed for performance, and you can expect to feel great on your next run with these on your feet.

Adidas x Parley Pros

  • Affordable options
  • Recycled materials
  • Perfect for short to mid-distance running

Adidas x Parley Cons

  • Not as ethical or sustainable as other brands listed here
  • No transparent supply chain

9. Newton Running

Highlights: Reliable running shoes and the company helps communities thrive with its giving back program

Women's Gravity Newton Running Shoes

Newton Running is our next sustainable running shoe brand recommendation. They’re investing heavily into giving back to communities, as well as creating amazing shoes.

They make ethical running shoes for everyone. Whether you’re just starting out on a Couch to 5k plan, or running your third marathon, Newton Running will have a shoe for you.

They’re big on giving back to communities and charities and use their platform for social good.

For example, they donate to Soles 4 Souls, Trickle Up, and One World Running.

No matter the type of shoe style you like, we’re confident that you’ll find the right pair for you from Newton.

Newton Running Pros

  • Range for all runner types
  • Give back to communities
  • Shoe donation programs

Newton Running Cons

  • Not as much focus on sustainable materials as other brands listed

10. Giesswein Wool Cross X

Highlights: Sustainable production methods and facilities, use only certified museling-free wool

Giesswein sustainable running shoes

Giesswein is a third-generation shoe brand from Austria. They make their running shoes, the Wool Cross X, from museling-free merino wool that are supportive and comfortable.

All wool is handpicked for it’s ethical standards, and Giesswein also have a variety of sustainable production initiatives. For example, they waste 0% of their scraps, use 100% renewables to power production, and 90% of water used is recycled.

The Wool Cross X fits true-to-size and comes in a range of colorways for women and women.

While we haven’t tried these on, we have tested the Wool Runners from Giesswein and found them to be high-quality and comfortable.

Giesswein Pros

  • Moisture-wicking
  • Museling-free wool
  • Good for keeping feet warm
  • Grippy sole

Giesswein Cons

  • Not as robust or durable as other running brands
  • Not as good for high frequency running

11. Hylo Athletics

Highlights: Negative carbon footprint, created using sustainable materials and as part of an ethical supply chain, now completely vegan.

Hylo running shoes are completely vegan

Hylo’s shoes are designed in a circular model – they can be completely reused when you’ve worn them out. The fabrics can be composted, and Hylo will grind up the soles to be used in new pairs of their shoes. This makes them one of the most sustainable running shoe options on the market.

The shoes contain seven different sustainable, natural materials, including: organic cotton, corn fibre, castor bean oil, algae bloom, corn starch, natural rubber, and water-based vegan glue. The brand also offers a carbon breakdown on their website so you can see exactly where the brand is creating emissions and track their progress.

Hylo has released its new running shoe Hylo RUN, which is more durable and performs better than its Light model. The Hylo RUN model is designed for short to mid-distance runners, and while we wouldn’t recommend it if you’re running marathons, the shoe is perfect if you’re just getting started and want an affordable option.

Oh, and they’re completely vegan too.

Hylo Pros

  • Circular production
  • Upgraded model more responsive for running
  • Vegan

Hylo Cons

  • Not as much selection as other brands
Hylo sustainable running shoes

12. Lunge Neo Run

Highlights: Sustainable footwear, handmade in Germany

lunge neo run

The Lunge Neo Runs are a sustainable running shoe, completely handmade in Germany. They use all vegan and non-toxic materials, so they’re a great option.

The Neo Runs are neutral shoes and have a good balance between comfort and support.

They’re lightweight but offer impressively bouncy souls that preserve energy upon impact and give you an extra boost on the track (something we could all do with!).

Lunge Pros

  • Lightweight
  • Bouncy soles

Giesswein Cons

  • Not recommended for long distance runs

14. Veja Condor

Highlights: Vegan eco friendly running shoe made from recycled plastic bottles and organic materials

Veja Condor sustainable running shoes

Veja are a well known sustainable sneaker brand.

The Condor is their first foray into running shoes – and you’re going to want to check it out.

The design is modern and stylish, and it comes in a wide variety of colorways for both men and women.

You’d hardly believe the materials in it, either.

The upper is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, and the mid-sole even contains rice waste. There’s also organic cotton, recycled polyester, sugar cane, and sustainable Amazonian rubber.

Also available to shop from runnersneed.com and thesportsedit.com.

Veja Pros

  • Good for everyday running over short distances

Veja Cons

  • May be style over substance if you’re looking for a robust running shoe

15. HOKA

Highlights: OV focuses on using sustainable and recycled materials throughout the production process

Hoka sustainable running shoe

HOKA Cliftons are well-known for their comfort thanks to their unique Meta-Rocker system, which has a midsole that essentially rolls from the back to the front, to ensure that every step on your run feels good.

These Cliftons come in three different colors and have a breathable mesh upper that will keep your feet cool and comfortable.


  • Long lasting
  • Great selection
  • Use of some sustainable materials


  • Not as focused on sustainability as other brands mentioned in the round up
BrandAllbirdsOn RunningMerrellVivobarefootAllbirds
Running ShoeTree Dasher 2CloudstratusMoab flightPRIMUS LITE IIIWool Dasher Mizzles
StyleAllbirds Tree DashersOn Running CloudstrausMerrel Moab Sustainable Trail Running ShoeVivobarefoot eco friendly running shoesAllbird Mizzles sustainable running shoes
Best forNeutral running shoe
All-rounder running shoe
Increased cushioningExtra grip on all terrain Barefoot running shoe style

Water resistant style
Running shoe weight302.5g (10.67oz)248g (8.75oz)460g, (1lbs-1oz)EU 37 350g – EU 42, 460g314g (11.08oz)
Running Shoe DistanceEveryday mid distance runs, 5K-10K5k to a marathonTrial running, 5-10K+5k+Everyday runs, 5K-10K+
Waterproof?❌ (waterproof styles available)✔ (Water resistant)
Eco-friendly materials?
Certified B Corporation?
Price$135$169.99from $81.95$170.00$138
Where to buyAllbirds.comonrunning.comMerrell.comVivobarefoot.comAllbirds.com
Which sustainable running shoes are best for everyday running?

The Allbirds Tree Dashers are perfect for everyday runs, between 5-10K.

Other good options include On Running, Hoka, Brooks, and Adidas Parley.

Are Nike shoes sustainable?

Unfortunately, Nike hasn’t made huge strides with their sustainable initiatives. That said, they have recently released a line of running shoes made with at least 20% recycled materials. It’s a great start, and you can check out the range here.

Which are the best sustainable running shoes for cold weather runs?

We recommend you go with Ice Bugs, designed for running in snow and ice. Alternatively, the Mizzle Dashers are made for wet weather city runs.

Which running shoes are vegan?

Veja Condors, Hylo Athletics, and Vivobarefoot are all good vegan running shoe options!

Are Hoka shoes sustainable?

Hoka does not use any animal products in their processes. They’re also a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

Are Brooks shoes sustainable?

Brooks has a wide range of sustainable programs focused on three main pillars: product sustainability, climate action, and responsible sourcing. Shop Brooks here.

If you’re in the market for a pair of sustainable running shoes, these are all great options.

Whether you’re looking for completely vegan running shoes, or if you’re into running shoes using recycled materials, these have you covered.

If you’re also on the hunt for sustainable activewear, check out our 20 top picks here. Alternatively, we have curated a specific running clothes guide, check it out here.

Looking for vegan running shoes? We’ve got an article for that too!

Know a brand that deserves to be mentioned in this article?

Let us know in the comments below!

Sustainable Running Socks

Do you need sustainable running socks to pair with your eco-friendly running shoes? Check out Rockay, a European brand creating its high-performance socks from Econyl, a fabric from recycled fishing nets.

Rockay sustainable running socks knee high
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    • I believe Hylo are a relatively new company so it’s possible that their delivery options are limited. But, if you contact them directly they may be able to help!

  1. Does Vivobarefoot have any stores or just online sales?
    Because currently as trainers I am using the Condor Mesh Jaune Fluo by Veja and Corsa Evo Beige by ACBC … but as soon as I saw those by Vivobarefoot I fell in love with them!

  2. This is great but any idea about wearability? I’m on the heavier side for a runner and tend to burn through shoes relatively quickly. Happy to pay more for an ethical option but not for an ethical option that needs replacing more regularly.

  3. Excellent and helpful article. Many thanks. It drove me to do a bit more research and I found Icebug who’s sustainability credentials look good.

  4. Thank you so much for this article it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to help with my next running shoe purchase!

  5. How to online purchase Adidas x Parley?

    Because Currently I am using the Nike jordan and Puma, but as soon as I saw those by Adidas x Parley I fell in love with them! because of its design look great, and also you mention in your blog it is lightwait and I can feel more comfortable on our next run with these on our feet better than other. Thanks again.

  6. All the running shoes are awesome. But personally, I like the “Vivobarefoot” brand as these shoes look really cool and ticks all the boxes in terms of sustainability and are vegan.

  7. I’ve been running in the Tarkine Goshawks. I love them. Perfect high mileage training shoe made of recycled material and insole is compostable. They have a recycling program too and donate a percentage of profits to protecting Australia’s largest temperate rain forest!

  8. Thank you very much for the various information! I usually wear Vivo and I must say that I get on well while I have difficulty finding barefoots shoes for my little ones. For now I have found this site Colline-store and I must say that they fit well and are the only ones that use recycled materials.

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