11 Best Vegan Hiking Boots for 2024

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Are you Ready to hike to the hills but struggling to find the perfect pair of vegan hiking boots? Then this blog post is for you! We rounded up the best vegan waterproof walking boots on the eco market in 2024.

When it comes to vegan hiking shoes, we can’t solely rely on looks (although we secretly wish we could). We want our boots to easily withstand many challenges, from rain and snow to sleet, mud, and even our sweat. But that’s not all.

If you’re heading for the trails, you’ll need waterproof vegan hiking boots that support your feet and ankles on unpredictable terrain and offer performance-grade features.

When researching the perfect pair of vegan hikers, we had several requirements to consider.

For example, we looked at the following:

  • Are they truly waterproof? Are they lightweight for easy manoeuvring?
  • Do they boast deep treads for optimal traction?
  • Are they equipped with ample cushioning for a full day of comfortable hiking?
  • Can we at least admit they’re somewhat stylish?
  • And lastly, are they really animal friendly?

Historically it has been challenging to find truly vegan hiking shoes due to the prominence of leather being used. Even in recent years, with the switch to synthetic materials, the glues used to hold the shoes together aren’t always vegan.

Luckily for us, now more options are on the market, made with vegan and sustainable materials that can satisfy our five-star requirements. We hope this post helps you find a pair you like. We’ve vetted them all for materials, comfort, and reviews.

Vegan Materials: Look for high-quality vegan hiking boots made from non-animal-derived materials such as synthetic leather, recycled plastic, and mesh fabrics – to name a few. Ensure that all components, including adhesives and dyes, are vegan-friendly and free from animal-derived products.

Durability and Quality: Check the construction and overall quality of the vegan walking shoes and boots. Opt for durable materials that can withstand rugged terrains and provide long-lasting performance. A good idea is to read reviews or seek recommendations from other vegan hikers who know the exact pairs that can easily hold up well over time.

Comfort and Fit: Proper fit is crucial for hiking boots. Ensure your vegan hiking boots offer ample toe room and provide good arch support. Consider trying them on with some comfy vegan hiking socks to replicate real hiking conditions.


  1. Determine if you need waterproof boots based on your hiking preferences and the climate, you’ll be hiking in.
  2. Look for boots that offer waterproof or water-resistant features to keep your feet dry during wet conditions.
  3. Don’t forget to pay extra attention to the materials used and any additional waterproofing treatments.

Traction and Stability: Opt for boots with sturdy and well-designed outsoles that offer reliable traction on various terrains. This includes deep lugs or aggressive tread patterns that provide grip and stability on slippery or uneven surfaces.

Breathability: Hiking can make your feet sweat, so choose boots with breathable materials, such as mesh panels or moisture-wicking linings. Adequate ventilation will help prevent discomfort and keep your feet dry during long hikes.

Let’s get into the list.

A picture of me hiking in the hills
Hey, I’m Bethany, join me as I take you through the best vegan hiking boots for 2023!

1. On Running Cloudrock Waterproof Boot

On Running Cloudrock Sustainable Hiking Boot

Highlights: All of their hiking boots and shoes are vegan. Excellent ankle support, lightweight and super comfortable. Best for hiking, trail walking and wet weather.

Born in the Swiss Alps, On Running specializes in creating performance shoes from sustainable and recycled materials.

Their high-quality performance range extends from hiking boots to road and trail running shoes. We checked in with the ambassadors at On running, who let us know all of their shoes are entirely vegan so that you can shop for all styles and colors without worry!

Key Benefits:

  • Ultra-lightweight with excellent ankle support
  • Waterproof
  • Completely vegan
  • Durable and grippy soles
  • Sustainable hiking boots created from sustainable and recycled materials
On running Cloudrock soles

On Running Pros

  • Excellent ankle support
  • Durable and grippy soles
  • Lighter than the average hiking boot
  • Sustainable materials

On Running Cons

  • Some issues with the shoe’s waterproofing
  • Grip rubber might wear off the outsoles in extreme terrain conditions

2. Arc’teryx ACRUX TR GTX BOOT

Arcteryx vegan hiking boots

Highlights: Lightweight, breathable, waterproof and durable.

Arc’teryx are known for their high quality technical wear, and that extends to their hiking boots.

These Bora Mid’s are made of a synthetic material, rather than leather, and are completely vegan.

They come with a GORE-TEX protection to make sure they stay waterproof, a Vibram outsole, an injected EVA midsole for cushioning, and includes a moulded Ortholite footbed to keep you comfortable even on extended hikes.

Key Benefits:

  • GORE-TEX provides waterproof and breathability
  • Molded Toe cap provides toe protection
  • Durable, lightweight boots
Arc'teryx hiking boot soles

Arc’teryx Pros

  • Molded Toe cap provides toe protection
  • GORE-TEX provides waterproof and breathable performance

Arc’teryx Cons

  • Some issues with the durability of the cordage
  • The collar at the back might drop under pressure

3. Inov8 Roclite 286

Inov8 vegan walking boots

Highlights: Lightest hiking boot from Inov8, with Gore-TEX waterproof uppers and super tough Cordura® mesh.

Inov8 is a sustainable outdoor brand, creating shoes and apparel for running, hiking, and gym. Their shoes that don’t feature leather and suede are classified as vegan, and there are plenty of hiking shoes, boots, and specialized trail running shoes to choose from, which are created with non-animal derived materials.

Key Benefits:

  • GORE-TEX technology for waterproof protection
  • Roclite outsoles with 6mm studs offer superb traction and grip
  • The worlds lightest GORE-TEX hiking boot
Inov8 hiking boot grip soles

Inov8 Pros

  • Excellent grip on rough terrain
  • Super lightweight

Inov8 Cons

  • The extra grippy sole might wear out quickly
  • The insoles may lack padding

4. Wills Vegan Shoes WV Sport Waterproof Hiking Boots

Wills Vegan hiking boots

Highlights: Vegan leather boots, waterproof and breathable, durable, extra grip soles.

Will’s Vegan Shoes has been mentioned before on this blog as a highly recommended vegan shoe brand. Their hiking boots are no exception and won’t let you down.

They are ethically made in Italy, and delivered in non-treated paper and cardboard packaging to minimize it’s environmental impact, through a carbon-neutral supply chain. All of their shoes are completely vegan.

Key Benefits:

  • Vibram rubber outsoles for extra grip and durability
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Removeable insoles
  • Certified Carbon neutral, sustainable hiking boots
Wills vegan shoes hiking boots

Wills Vegan Hiking Boots Pros

  • Vibram sole provides great grip and stability
  • Removable insoles

Wills Vegan Hiking Boots Cons

  • Don’t offer great sensitivity to the terrain underfoot
  • Limited design choice

5. Eco Vegan Shoes’ All Terrain Pro Hiker Black

Eco Vegan Shoes all terrain ethical hiking boots

Highlights: Sturdy anti slip soles, Waterproof and breathable material including added toe and heel protection.

This popular vegan shoe brand also have their bestselling hiking boot.

The All Terrain Pro Hiker has an anti-slip sole, is water resistant, and breathable. The toe and heel are protected by Keprotec to protect against wear, meaning these will last you a long time.

These completely vegan hiking boots features a leather look microfibre material, for extra durability. If you’re interested in learning about other vegan leather alternatives you can check out of post here.

The All Terrain Pro Hiker’s also have Eco-OrtoLite insoles for comfort and support.

Key Benefits:

  • Antislip pattern exceeding European SRC safety standards
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • Toe and heel are protected by a layer of Keprotec®
Eco vegan hiking boots grip soles

Eco Pros

  • Anti slip
  • Extra toe protection with a layer of Keprotec®

Eco Cons

  • No Vibram sole
  • Sizes come up large

6. Merrell’s Vegan Range

Merrel cruelty-free hiking boots

Highlights: Bright and fun colours, perfect for both trial trekking and trail running.

Merrell are an established hiking footwear and clothing brand you’ve probably heard of.

What you might not have known is that they have a whole range of vegan hiking shoes for men and women.

You can be certain the quality is going to be high and they’re truly built for hiking without compromises.

The hiking shoe in the picture above is the Women’s Antora 2 Rainbow and comes with a Vibram TC5+ MegaGrip sole, TrailProtect rock plate protects, a breathable mesh lining and a mesh upper, as well as a host of other nice materials and features to support you on the trail.

Key Benefits:

  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Lightweight EVA foam midsole for stability and comfort
  • Vibram® TC5+ rubber sole
  • Vegan friendly
  • Sustainable and eco friendly hiking boots
Merrell vegan hiking boot grip sole

Merrell Pros

  • Great option for wider feet
  • Lightweight
  • Vibram rubber sole

Merrell Cons

  • Not as good on super technical terrain
  • Minimal toe protection

7. Vivobarefoot Magna Trail

Vivobarefoot vegan hikers

Highlights: Sustainable and vegan hiking boots made from recycled plastic. Designed with a thin sole to maximise the ground feel underfoot.

These Vivobarefoot vegan hiking shoes look a little different to many of the other shoes here.

They are light, weighing in at 253 grams. They’re water resistant, are made without any sewing, and have a neoprene ankle sock to keep out dust, rocks, insects, and anything else trying to get into your shoe.

Vivobarefoot shoes are designed with a thin, flexible sole, allowing you to feel more and enabling natural movement.

They contain a removeable thermal insole to keep your feet warm even in colder climates.

Key Benefits:

  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Firm Ground Sole offers multi terrain traction and a sticky rubber compound for all round grip and durability.
  • Sustainable hiking boots, made using recycled materials from plastic waste.
  • Completely Vegan and animal free.

Vivobarefoot Pros

  • Ground sole offers great grip
  • Great barefoot hiking option

Vivobarefoot Cons

  • Barefoot hiking shoes may not be for everyone

8. Veggie Trekker MK5

Veggie Trekker vegan leather walking boots

Highlights: Comfortable, lightweight and breathable hiking boots, made using vegan leather alternative Vegetan Mycro.

The Veggie Trekker MK5’s from Vegetarian Shoes are a high quality robust hiking boot.

The upper may look like leather, but it’s made of Vegetan Mycro, which is a soft to touch polyester substrate with polyurethane covering. It can be polished, or left to wear.

As you would expect with any good hiking boot they come with a replaceable dual-compound Vibram outer sole. The rubber rand around the lower half of the boot helps keep your feet dry, and makes them easier to resole down the line.

Key Benefits:

  • Water-resistant and breathable micro-fibre uppers.
  • Comfortable, lightweight, padded, soft faux-leather collar and tongue sections
  • Padded and moisture-absorbing insole
  • Vibram outer sole for durability and grip
Vegetarian hiking boot soles

Veg Shoes Pros

  • Water-resistant
  • Padded and moisture absorbing insoles

Veg Shoes Cons

  • Only water resistant – not fully waterproof
  • May take time to wear in

9. Topo Athletic Hiking Shoes

Topo Athletics Vegan Hiking Shoes

Highlights: Hiking boots which double up as trial running shoes.

If you love the outdoors and want to to trail run as well as walk, these vegan hiking shoes are for you.

These Topo Athletic TRAILVENTURE trail boots are inspired by ultrarunners. They’re designed to keep your feet cushioned all day with a Vibram XS Trek outsole and a 3 piece multi-density EVA midsole.

They also feature what they call ‘drainage gills’ to ensure any water in your shoes has a run off point so you can dry off quickly.

Every part of these shoes are designed to last on the trail at any speed you’re going. Topo Athletics also have a range of other vegan hiking shoes and trail running shoes here.

Key Benefits:

  • Vegan hiking boots which double up as trail running shoes
  • Rock protection plate, protects against toe and heel stubs
  • Vibram outsole for grip and traction
  • Comfortable, anti microbial footbed
Topo vegan hiking boot soles

Topo Pros

  • Double up as trail running shoes
  • Added toe and heel protection

Topo Cons

  • Thick padding around the ankle can lead to a pressure point
  • The upper portion of the collar is exposed to moisture during water crossings

10. Treksta Alter Ego Star – MNS

Treksta Alter Ego Vegan Hiking Shoes

Highlights: All season trail shoe, waterproof and breathable.

These Treksta vegan hiking shoe and trail runners are an ideal all season trail shoe.

They have a waterproof and breathable membrane, and a supportive mid-height design. 3D PUFF Printing on uppers reduced the amount of stitching and helps protect the foot from external shocks.

The hypergrip sole is designed for all conditions and provides traction and durability adding support to that is a a ultra-light EVA midsole to ensure your feet and ankles are always supported.They’re breathable, and quick-drying if you’re trekking in wet weather.

Key Benefits:

  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Nestfit system adapts to contours and cradles your feet
  • Ultralight EVA sole provides cushion and support

Treksta Pros

  • Supportive and holds your feet well
  • Ultralight sole

Treksta Cons

  • Limited arch support


Lowa vegan hiking boots

Highlights: Great hiking boots for paths and trails. Lightweight and breathable GORE-TEX material.

The Ferrox GTX Mids are a 100% vegan women’s and men’s hiking boot with every feature you need for comfort on long hikes.

They have a Gore-Tex Lining to make sure they’re highly breathable and waterproof, keeping you warm in the cold and cool when it’s hot.

They don’t have a Vibram sole, but do have Lowa’s own Elika Sole, complemented by a Dual Density DURA PU midsole.

Key Benefits

  • Made in Europe
  • GORE-TEX material, waterproof and breathable
  • Perfect for trails and paths
Lowa vegan hiking boots sole

Lowa Pros

  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Perfect for all types of hiking

Lowa Cons

  • Narrow boots, not great for wide feet

The lifespan of vegan hiking boots can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of materials, frequency of use, hiking conditions, and how well they are cared for. On average, a pair of hiking boots can last anywhere from 500 to 1,000 miles (800 to 1,600 kilometers) of hiking.

Our affinity for repairable shoes is no secret. So we are happy to report that, yes, some hiking boots can be resoled. Resoling involves replacing the worn-out outsole of the boot while keeping the upper part intact. However, not all hiking boots are suitable for resoling, and it ultimately depends on the construction and design of the specific boot.

Traditional hiking boots with stitched or welted soles are generally more conducive to resoling. These boots typically have a sewn-on outsole that a professional cobbler can carefully remove and replace. This process involves removing the old sole, preparing the boot for the new sole, and then attaching the new sole securely.

On the other hand, some hiking boots have glued or cemented soles, which are more challenging to resole. Boots with glued soles often require specialized techniques and equipment to remove and replace the outsole without damaging the rest of the boot.

Yes, you can certainly use vegan hiking shoes for walking or everyday use. Hiking shoes are designed to provide comfort, support, and durability, making them suitable for various activities beyond hiking. Trail footwear often features padded insoles, midsoles, and ankle support, which can help reduce fatigue and provide a comfortable walking experience.

Let’s not forget that hiking boots and shoes are engineered to provide stability and support to your feet, ankles, and arches. This can be beneficial during long walks or when walking on uneven surfaces, as the shoes offer protection against twists and strains. Plus, hiking shoes typically feature rugged outsoles with deep lugs or treads that provide excellent traction on various surfaces.

In most cases, yes. However, it depends on personal comfort preferences and the specific features of vegan hiking boots. The best options for hot weather are those that incorporate mesh panels, moisture-wicking linings, or perforations to promote airflow and allow heat to escape. Boots with breathable materials can help prevent excessive sweating and keep your feet cooler in hot weather.

Some hiking boots are designed for insulation and warmth, which may not be ideal for hot weather. If you anticipate high temperatures, opt for boots with lighter insulation or choose hiking shoes, as they are shorter on the ankle and can offer better ventilation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GORE-TEX Vegan?

GORE-TEX is a waterproof, breathable membrane, which is vegan. However, it is important to check directly with the brand you are interested in to make sure the product is vegan. All of the products we have included in this list are vegan.

The best vegan hiking boots for wet weather?

The Cloudrock Waterproof boot from On Running is a great waterproof vegan hiking boot, perfect for wet weather.

The best vegan hiking boot for rocky or uneven ground?

Inov8 boots feature Roclite outsoles with 6mm studs to offer superb traction and grip.

Best for lightweight vegan hiking boots

The best lightweight vegan styles, Cloudrock Waterproof by On, Vivobarefoot Magna Trail, and the Inov8 Roclite 286 is the lightest GORE-TEX hiking boot available.

We hope this list has been useful. These vegan trekking shoes are all from great brands and should be an ideal choice.

Most brands on this list will also have a selection of other boots that could be what you’re looking for, so dig in and find your ideal pair!

Thorlos vegan hiking socks in blue

You might also need…

A pair of vegan hiking socks will go perfectly with your new vegan hiking boots.

We recommend Thorlos LTH vegan hiking socks, they will last years and keep your feet comfortable and dry while out on the trails.

If you enjoyed this article, check out our recommendations for vegan running shoes, sustainable rain jackets, vegan sneakers, and sustainable backpacks!


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