10 Best Vegan Running Shoes For All Terrain Types 2024

It can be hard to find genuinely vegan running shoes that can withstand the demand of regular training while maintaining performance.

Unfortunately, many popular brands that create running gear miss the mark by using animal-based glues or animal-derived materials. That’s why we’ve made a list of the following brands that are creating 100% high-performance vegan running shoes that will be able to keep up with you.

So, whether you’re looking for vegan trail shoes or road running shoes, let’s dive in.

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1. Brooks Ghost Vegan Running Shoes

Brooks Ghost Vegan trainers

Best for: Road running, soft landings

Materials: Recycled plastic

Ships to: Worldwide

A much-loved Brooks running shoe is the Ghost model. The model offers a cushioned sole for soft landings when road running but has less overall arch and alignment support than the Adrenaline model.

If you don’t have pronation or any alignment issues while running, the Ghost model may be a better Brooks option.

One thing we love about Brooks running shoes is that the brand offers half sizes and different width options, making it easier to find a better-fitting shoe.


  • High heel drop – good for heel strikers
  • Good level of support
Brooks ghost vegan running shoes

2. Saucony Endorphin Range

Best for: Fast runs, workouts, everyday running

Materials: 100% vegan materials, recycled material

Ships to: Worldwide

Saucony is another brand popular among amateur and professional runners alike. The brand creates performance shoes for racing, road, and trail running.

What I love about the Endorphin Pros is that along with being vegan, the Pros have speed roll technology, which allows you to take your runs up a gear by helping you run faster.

The whole Saucony Endorphin range is vegan and features four unique styles. If you’re like me and suffer knee pain when running, check out the Endorphin Shift 3 style. The Shift 3 features extra cushioning, which is better if you’re looking to reduce the impact of your strikes.


  • Great selection of high performance styles
  • Great for races and speed running

3. Brooks Adreneline GTS Model

Me wearing my brooks vegan running shoes

Best for: Road running, extra cushioning, good arch support.

Materials: Recycled plastic

Ships to: Worldwide

As a keen runner myself, I love training in my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 model for my 10km weekly runs (pictured); they’ve been reliable and durable, having performed mile after mile. Plus, the brand has recently released its upgraded 22 model, which features the brand’s GuideRails® technology, which adds knee and hip support by keeping your body aligned.

All Brooks shoes are now 100% vegan, in line with the brand’s eco-policy. A move that we hope more global brands will follow.


  • Extra stability for improved alignment
  • Recycled materials
  • High level of cushioning and support
Brooks adrenaline eco friendly

4. On running Cloud 5

On vegan running shoes

Best for: Road running, everyday running, waterproof vegan running shoes

Materials: 30% recycled plastic materials

Ships to: Worldwide

A firm favorite of runners worldwide, On Running’s Cloud 5 is a vegan running shoe built for speed.

The Cloud 5 is On Runnings most popular road running shoe, as it’s perfect for runners of all levels. The shoes feature elastic laces for easy on and off, but they also feature classic laces if you prefer the traditional lace-up option.

All On Running shoes are vegan and are made from a percentage of recycled materials.

Also available to buy at runnersneed.com.


  • Great for sprinters and racers
  • Waterproof options available
  • 8mm heel to toe drop
On running Cloud 5 running shoes

5. Vivobarefoot

Vivobarefoot vegan barefoot training shoes

Best for: Vegan barefoot running shoes

Materials: Bio-based animal-free materials, recycled materials

Ships to: Worldwide

While Vivobarefoot isn’t a completely vegan brand, they create a range of vegan minimalist running shoes that are perfect if you’re a barefoot runner.

The brand uses bio-based materials like algae and consumer waste recycled materials to create footwear. The brand is also B Corp, awarded to brands that meet high social and environmental production standards and place people and the planet in front of profits.


  • Vegan barefoot running shoe style
  • Certified B Corp
Vivobarefoot vegan barefoot running shoes

6. Altra Vegan Running Shoes

Best for: Zero-drop running shoes

Materials: Vegan material and some recycled material

Ships to: Worldwide

Altra is a vegan running shoe brand that runners favorite for their wide-toe box styles and range of zero-drop running shoes.

Some reviews, however, have said that in recent years the brand’s newer models are getting narrower in the toe box (after being bought by VF Corporation) and aren’t what they used to be. Despite this, Altra still has a loyal following, but I’d definitely read the reviews of each new style before you chose a style.


  • Zero-drop running shoes with decent stack height
  • Great starter for anyone wanting to progress to barefoot running

7. Hylo Light

Hylo sustainable running shoes

Best for: Vegan trainers, vegan workout shoes

Materials: Renewable materials, recycled fabric

Ships to: Worldwide

Officially vegan certified, Hylo’s range of ultralight training shoes are perfect for anyone looking for an everyday pair of vegan workout shoes, that will also look great as a casual shoe.

Hylo Light’s aren’t just lightweight on your feet, the brand has also created them with a carbon footprint over 50% lower than your average pair of running shoes, by using renewable, vegan and recyclable materials.

Reviews from runners say that the Hylo Light’s are a great option if you’re looking for a trainer or everyday shoe, but may not be the most durable if you’re running marathons or training long distance weekly.


  • Affordable vegan workout shoe option
  • Lightweight
Hylo vegan training shoes

8. Hylo RUN

Best for: Vegan trainers, vegan workout shoes

Materials: Renewable materials, recycled fabric

Ships to: Worldwide

Following their popular starter shoe, the Hylo Light, Hylo has released a more durable and robust running shoe built for short to mid-distance runners.

The new RUN model gives good stability, cushioning, and traction, with reviews saying they also perform well on treadmill training sessions.


  • 9.5mm heel-to-toe drop and 20mm stack height
  • More robust and durable than the Hylo Light model

9. Icebugs

Icebugs vegan trail shoes

Best for: Winter trail running

Materials: Sustainable materials, bio-based materials

Ships to: Worldwide

If you’re looking for vegan trial shoes that will withstand the demands of cold weather runs, check out Icebugs, a brand specifically designed for cold winter running.

Icebugs engineer their shoes to have improved traction and grip, even in icy conditions. The brand has a smaller selection of gravel running shoes and lighter trail shoes, but they’re the ones to go to for some serious trail running kit.

We reached out to Icebugs, who told us that all their running shoes are vegan. Plus, the brand is climate neutral and a certified B Corp – now that’s what we like to see.


  • Recycled and sustainable materials
  • Durable
  • Great grip and traction
  • Dynamic studs
Icebugs vegan trail footwear

10. La Sportiva

La Sportiva vegan trail shoes

Best for: Vegan trail running shoes

Materials: Vegan materials, waterproof membrane

Ships to: Worldwide

Known for being on the slightly narrower side, La Sportiva running shoes are better suited for those looking for a firmer, more rigid shoe for hitting the trails.

Famous for their climbing and hiking shoes, La Sportiva also creates a range of vegan trail running shoes, perfect for technical trails.

La Sportiva running shoes feature a vegan GORE-TEX coating to ensure your feet won’t get soaked from rain, puddles, or streams, but the breathable cell membrane will help dampness leave the shoe – leaving your feet dry and ready to tackle the trail.

La Sportiva trail shoes are on the more expensive side of brands on the list, but their shoes are durable and offer expert traction on uneven surfaces.

Also available to shop at sportsshoes.com.


  • Sticky and grippy sole
  • Snug fit
  • Great for scrambling on trails
La Sportiva trail running shoes vegan
What are vegan running shoes?

Vegan running shoes are performance footwear made specifically for running, but because they’re vegan, they’re made without animal materials.
Some running shoe brands are made with animal-derived glues or animal materials like wool. However, all the footwear featured in this list are free from animal materials.

What running shoes are vegan?

Saucony Endorphin running shoes, Brooks Adrenaline, Brooks Ghost, Altra, Icebugs, Hylo, and La Sportiva are all vegan friendly.

Are Allbirds running shoes vegan?

No, Allbirds aren’t vegan friendly as the brand uses merino wool in its footwear. Alternatives to Allbirds running shoes include On Running, Saucony, Brooks, and Hylo.

Vegan running shoes
Featured: Brooks Adrenaline and HOKA Bondi

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through our recommendations, and you’ve now found the perfect pair of running shoes.

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