14 Best Vegan Sneakers for Cruelty-Free Feet [2024]

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Finding vegan sneakers can be hard.

So many brands get close, but still miss the mark by using an animal-based glue or unsustainable materials.

The right pair of sneakers should always be comfortable and stylish, but now with sustainability in the focus, why not look for a completely vegan sneaker brand that helps animals, and the environment?

Vegan sneakers
Left: Etiko, Middle: Flamingos Life, Right: Beflamboyant

With the emergence of some great vegan sneaker and trainer brands whose ethos is rooted in sustainability, it’s never been easier to find high-quality shoes that look good, and do good too.

If you don’t have time to read the full article, check out our top picks below.

Best Minimal StyleThousand Fell

Best Vegan Running ShoesOn Running

Best vegan alternative to ConverseEtiko

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of our favorite vegan sneaker brands that will keep your feet happy all day long.

Let’s jump in.

1. Thousand Fell

Thousand Fell white vegan sneakers

Sustainability: Turning coconut husk, sugar cane & recycled bottles into stylish vegan sneakers.

Price range: $$

Drawbacks: Although the TF’s have a stain proof coating, reviews say that shoes can get scuffed easily.

Thousand Fell is an innovative vegan brand dedicated to pushing the footwear industry into a more sustainable future.

These sneakers are crafted in a family-owned factory in Brazil. The uppers are made from recycled materials, and the insole is made of recycled rubber taken from old yoga mats. The structural details of the shoe are made from a combination of coconut, sugarcane, and palm, and the laces are made from recycled PET.

Despite looking like leather, we promise that Thousand Fell’s sneakers are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Their shoes are also coated in an Aloe Vera liner so you won’t need to spend weeks breaking them in, and can wear them without socks.

The brand stocks a variety of lace-up sneakers (pictured), as well as slip-ons.

Thousand fell vegan sneakers
Thousand Fell Sneakers ProsThousand Fell Sneakers Cons
✔ Entirely vegan brand using recycled materials❌ Reviews say shoes can get scuffed easily
✔ Shoes can be recycled

2. 8000kicks

8000kicks vegan shoes made from hemp

Sustainability: Waterproof vegan sneakers made from natural materials

Best for: Lightweight waterproof sneakers

Ships to: Worldwide

We’re big fans of 8000kicks here at Ecothes. The brand creates no-nonsense waterproof vegan sneakers from eco-friendly hemp.

Their shoes are lightweight, breathable, and super comfortable, thanks to the use of hemp and algae bloom foam soles. In addition, the brand is 100% vegan and gets great customer reviews.

Ecothes Reviewed: Having personally tested the classic 8000kicks sneakers, I recommend them if you’re looking for a casual sneaker or want a shoe you can wear all day. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and durable. Oh, and their customer service is excellent!

8000kicks hemp footwear
8000kicks Pros8000kicks Cons
✔ Entirely vegan brand using natural hemp ❌ Currently only two styles of sneakers
✔ Waterproof and lightweight

3. On Running

On Running Vegan Sneakers

Sustainability: All vegan materials, shoe recycling programme

Price: $$ – $$$

Drawbacks: Expensive for casual shoes as On Running shoes are more technical than others on the list

On Running makes fully vegan high-performance sneakers that are perfect if you have an active lifestyle and need the shoe to match.

On’s sneakers come in a range of styles and to suit activities from running to hiking. Most of their shoes have a sporty look – such as the Cloudflow sneaker (pictured) but, they’re also expanding and creating more minimalist style, tennis-inspired shoes.

All of On’s shoes are made with all vegan materials, and while it’s not always specified, we reached out to them and their team confirmed this.

Materials include recycled plastic bottles, and polyesters, and a range of non-animal based leathers.

The brand has started to release impact reports to improve transparency and give you all the details on their progress you need to know.

All in all, we like what On Running are doing and they’re an excellent choice for sustainable and vegan sneakers that will keep your feet comfy all day.

On Running vegan and sustainable sneakers
On Running ProsOn Running Cons
✔ Great choice for vegan active shoes or hiking boots❌ Reviews say that shoes may not last before wear shows
✔ Reviews say On shoes are comfortable

4. Vessi

Vessi vegan sneakers

Key Features: Waterproof and breathable 100% Vegan sneakers, 100% recyclable packaging with zero use of plastic.

Price range: $$

Drawbacks: Feet may get hot and sweaty in warmer climates due to waterproof nature of the shoes.

Canadian shoe brand Vessi creates stylish vegan sneakers that are waterproof, breathable, and designed for all-day comfort.

Vessi sneakers get great reviews, with over 3000 five-star reviews on the Vessi website.

Vessi uses 100% animal-free materials. The waterproof uppers in Vessi sneakers are created from Dyma-tex, a patented polyurethane PU material, which is 100% waterproof and will keep your feet dry and prevent overheating.

Vessi red knit sneakers
Vessi ProsVessi Cons
✔ Waterproof vegan sneakers❌ May not be the most breathable sneakers due to the waterproof fabric
✔ Made from recycled plastic

5. Etiko

Etiko vegan shoes

Sustainability: All vegan sneakers, Certified B corp, great alternative to vans or converse.

Price: $$

Drawbacks: Ships from Australia, so shipping time and distance may be a negative factor.

Etiko creates completely vegan sneakers, in a Fair Trade Certified process with no animal glues or toxic chemicals.

Etiko was the first fashion brand in the Southern Hemisphere to become Fair Trade Certified. They pay their employees around the world proper living wages and are transparent about their process.

If you’re looking for a vegan sneaker ideal for everyday wear, it’s hard to go wrong with Etiko.

Etiko vegan high top sneakers
Etiko ProsEtiko Cons
✔ Vegan and Fair Trade (ethically made)❌ Some reviewers say they love the shoes but they aren’t the most robust
✔ Great ethical alternative to Converse❌ Shipping distance may be a factor (Ships from Australia)

6. BeFlamboyant

Beflamboyant manimal sneakers

Sustainability: BCOME seal of transparency, PETA-approved vegan, wide range of sustainable materials

Pricing: $$$

Beflamboyant is a 100% vegan shoe brand, with the PETA-approved vegan seal, as well as being licensed by The Vegan Society.

Each shoe is handcrafted in Portugal using materials like corn waste, recycled cotton, recucled foam for the insoles, recycled PET, and much more (the list of impressively sustainable materials goes on). The shoes are shipped in zero-waste packaging, and Beflamboyant also plants a tree for every pair sold.

“Ecothes Reviewed: I have my own pair of Beflamboyant sneakers and love how soft the bamboo lining is. The shoes work well with any outfit and the vegan leather is super soft. – Bethany

Beflamboyant vegan sneakers
Beflamboyant ProsBeflamboyant Cons
✔ Ethically made❌ Reviews say can be rigid to put on at first, but Beflamboyant have released a newer model with a softer vegan leather
✔ Soft vegan leather and comfortable bamboo lining

7. Matt & Nat

Matt and Nat vegan sneaker brand

Sustainability: Cruelty-free, recycled and plant-based materials

Pricing: $$$

Drawbacks: Some styles contain high percentage of virgin plastic.

MAT(terial) and NAT(ure) is a brand that’s all about connecting these two elements to create ethical and vegan products. Steadfast in trying to protect the planet, Matt + Nat’s design philosophy is about creating beautiful products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. 

This results in vegan sneakers (among other products) that are made from recycled and plant-based materials. Matt + Nat vegan sneakers are timeless, elegant, and use the brand’s signature vegan materials to create stylish shoes that are functional yet eco-friendly.

Matt and Nat vegan sneakers
Matt & Nat ProsMatt & Nat Cons
✔ Made from recycled materials❌ Reviews say customer service can be poor
✔ Vegan brand

8. Clae Bradley Vegan

Vegan Sneakers

Sustainability: Innovative vegan materials

Price range: $$ – $$$

Drawbacks: Not all Clae shoes are vegan, make sure to only check out its vegan shoes

Clae are a well-known brand, and their Bradley Vegan shoe is a stylish vegan sneaker option.

Although the brand isn’t 100% vegan as they do create some leather sneakers, it’s always good to see popular brands like Clae moving into more sustainable and ethical materials.

Their vegan range comes in several colorways, including white (pictured), brown, navy, and black.

Clae Bradley vegan white sneakers
Clae ProsClae Cons
✔ Made from recycled materials❌ Not an entirely vegan brand
❌ Shoes can scuff easily


SUAVS vegan sneakers

Sustainability: Vegan sneakers created from recycled plastic bottles

Price: $-$$

Drawbacks: The Zilker model is not waterproof

Texas-based recycled shoe brand Suavs creates lightweight, travel-friendly shoes from recycled materials. All SUAVS shoes are made with animal-free materials and are entirely vegan.

SUAVS sneakers are breathable and moisture-wicking, thanks to a 3D knitted upper, and feature a flexible rubber sole available in either white or gum.

Also available to shop at Zappos.com.

SUAVS shoes made from recycled plastic
✔ Breathable❌ Limited style choice
✔ Lightweight & Machine Washable

10. Flamingos Life

Flamingos life

Sustainability: Retro style vegan sneakers from eco-friendly materials, including bamboo and corn waste

Price: $$-$$

Drawbacks: Reviews say the shoes can cause blisters when breaking in.

If you’re looking for a classic retro-inspired vegan sneaker, check out Flamingos Life – a sustainable shoe brand that’s creating its sneakers from completely animal-free materials.

The brand takes its inspiration from the 70s, 80s, and 90s to create stylish vegan sneakers as an eco-friendly alternative to leather sneakers. By using non-animal materials, Flamingos Life can use 66% less CO2 and 78% less water.

Also available to shop on Unitedbyblue.com.

Flamingos Life vegan trainers
Flamingos Life ProsFlamingos Life Cons
✔ Great selection of styles❌ Soles can be quite rigid
✔ 100% vegan sneakers

11. Will’s Vegan Store

Wills vegan store vegan chunky sneakers in pink and grey

Sustainability: Vegan, Cruelty-Free

Pricing: $$

Drawbacks: Styles sell out easily due to small batches

Will’s Vegan Store has been an important fixture in the sustainable fashion movement since 2012. As their name hints, each pair of sneakers is made from completely vegan materials – from uppers and linings to the glue that holds it all together.

Their vegan leather is created from bio-oil sourced from organic cereal crops native to Northern Europe. Linings are made in Spain from recycled rubber. And, their shoes have also earned a stamp from approval from The Vegan Society. Each product is registered with the society and embossed with their trademark to make it official. 

All products under the Will’s Vegan Shoes brand are made in Italy and Portugal and follow strict fair trade and employment laws to ensure manufacturing is completed as ethically as possible.

Wills Vegan Store vegan suede trainers
Wills Vegan Store ProsWills Vegan Store Cons
✔ High quality vegan shoes❌ Popular styles sell out quickly
✔ Ethical production and sustainable materials

12. Yatay


Sustainability: Vegan, sustainable and recycled materials, eco-friendly business practices

Price: $$$ – $$$$

Drawbacks: More expensive than other brands on the list.

Yatay’s made-in-Italy sneakers are Peta-approved, and for every pair sold a tree gets planted thanks to their partnership with One Tree Planted.

They’re a relatively new brand, having only been around since 2018.

They don’t use animal leather and instead rely on a mix of bio-polyols and recycled polyester, with the look being completed by 100% hemp laces. The rest of the shoes incorporate materials such as recycled plastic bottles, recycled rubber, recycled foam, and bio-resins.

All in all, Yatay’s sneakers are highly sustainable and look great. We definitely recommend checking them out.

Yatay sustainable sneakers
Yatay ProsYatay Cons
✔ Vegan brand using a blend of recycled and bio-based materials❌ More expensive than other vegan sneaker brands

13. Saye

Saye vegan trainers

Sustainability: Vegan sneakers are ethically made from sustainable materials, including organic cotton and recycled materials.

Price: $$-$$$

Drawbacks: Mixed reviews, with some customers saying shoes are lower quality than others on the market.

Saye is a Spanish-based vegan shoe brand that ethically creates sneakers in Portugal using bio-based vegan leather and recycled materials, including recycled rubber and plastic.

The brand has six retro-inspired models, each created from animal-free materials.

Saye’s sneakers are stylish, and many customers say their shoes are comfortable. However, these positive reviews are conflicted with a few reviews online reporting poor quality and poor customer service, with an average rating of 3.8/5 stars on Trustpilot.

Also available to shop at Thought.com, knowtheorigin.com, and Atterley.com.

Saye ProsSaye Cons
✔ Vegan sneakers made responsibly❌ Saye sneakers have mixed reviews

14. Bohempia

Bohempia hemp shoes

Sustainability: PETA-Approved Vegan certified shoes made ethically in the EU

Best for: Vegan alternative to converse

Ships to: the EU & International

If you’re looking for vegan skate shoes, check out Bohempia, a fun European brand creating its shoes from hemp.

The brand is PETA-Approved Vegan certified and uses sustainable materials and ethical production.

Bohempia creates two styles of vegan shoes, a barefoot range that features a minimal sole and a classic range which are flexible and lightweight.

Hemp is a fantastic shoe material thanks to its antimicrobial, thermoregulating, and moisture-wicking properties, meaning you won’t suffer from sweaty feet as you might in PU plastic sneakers.

Bohempia ProsBohempia Cons
✔ Vegan sneakers made from natural materials❌ Reviews say they may be heavier than other barefoot shoes
✔ Barefoot styles and wide styles available
What are vegan sneakers?

Vegan sneakers are shoes that are made without using any animal products. Many conventional sneakers are created from leather or use animal-based glues to hold the shoes together, but vegan shoes use alternative animal-free materials.

What are vegan sneakers made from?

Overall it depends on the type of vegan sneakers, as they can be made from animal-free materials. Some common materials used to make vegan sneakers include:

Synthetic leather: This artificial material is designed to look and feel like leather but is made without animal products. Synthetic leather is often made from PU or other plastics – overall, plastic shoes aren’t the most eco-friendly option, so we always try to recommend vegan sneakers, which are made from more responsible materials.

Canvas: This is a type of fabric that is made from hemp, cotton, or other plant-based fibers. Canvas is a popular material for sneakers because it’s a lightweight, breathable fabric that’s easy to clean. Examples of brands using natural canvas include Etiko and Bohempia.

Rubber: This is a natural material derived from the sap of rubber trees. It is often used to make the soles of vegan sneakers because it is durable and provides good traction.

Recycled materials: Some vegan sneakers are made from recycled materials, such as recycled rubber or recycled plastic bottles, which can be a more environmentally friendly option to the classic PU-based materials. Brands using recycled materials include Thousand Fell and SUAVS.

Vegan leather: Innovations in vegan leathers like Pinatex, Cactus leather, and Apple leather has led to an increase in bio-based vegan leathers. Brands using vegan leather include Beflamboyant and Clae.

Are vegan sneakers durable?

It depends on the sneaker brand, but just because a sneaker is vegan doesn’t mean it is of lower quality than a leather sneaker. On the contrary, innovations and improvements in vegan leathers mean you can now buy many great high-quality vegan sneakers that last.

Vegan trainers are great because they tend to be great for your feet…and great for the planet too.

Each of these brands has created their own innovative mark when it comes to vegan sneaker designs and their brand philosophies are all about creating positive social impact.

By using recycled materials, post-production waste, and exploring different sustainable materials, each of these vegan sneaker brands have created unique and eco-friendly products.

It’s never been easier to find a pair of sneakers that are comfortable, stylish, and don’t harm the planet!

If you’re looking for winter wear, check out our favorite vegan jeans, hiking socks, vegan combat boots, knee high boots, clogs, cowboy boots, and vegan sweaters.

If you’re looking for other sneaker recommendations, have you thought about hemp shoes? Take a look at our guide to find out more.

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