How To Sell On Vinted – Turn Old Clothes Into Cash!

Wondering how to sell on Vinted? You’re in the right place.

Selling your clothes on vinted is a great way to clear out your closet, prevent clothes from being sent to landfill, and make extra cash!

What’s great is, it’s super easy to do! Join me, as I walk you through the process of how to sell clothes on Vinted, based on my experiences using the platform so far. 

We’ll cover getting started, tips on making your items stand out, and explain what all the Vinted jargon means.

So, all that’s left to do is make an account on Vinted, arm yourself with a cup of your favourite beverage and dive into the depths of your wardrobe.

How To Sell Clothes on vinted

The first step to selling clothes on Vinted is deciding what you want to sell.

The best place to start is by unearthing those fashionable finds that haven’t seen the daylight in months (or, let’s be honest, years!). 

As Mary Kondo would put it, “If it doesn’t spark joy, or if you’ve been holding onto it for that “just in case” moment that never came, it’s ready for a new adventure.

Personally, I looked for any clothes that were still in good condition and that I still liked, but found myself rarely wearing them.

If you’re not ready to sell something, that’s fine—but consider going back and doing an audit of your wardrobe in six months, and if you still haven’t worn that item, it might be time to put it in the Vinted pile. 

Once you’ve set a pile of clothing and accessories aside you want to sell, the real Vinted fun begins!

Select which clothes to sell on vinted

Vinted also lets you list other items such as accessories, homeware, and beauty products too, so you’re not limited to only selling clothes.

Now that you’ve found the pieces you want to sell, it’s time for the photoshoot.

Pictures are the first thing your potential buyers see when scrolling through the Vinted feed, so it’s important to get this part right.

Find a spot with good lighting – natural light is best, and find a spot with a plain tidy background.

You don’t need to be a pro photographer or have a perfect backdrop to make this work.

I find that hanging items on a clothes hanger, hooked onto the top of a door allows me to get the whole garment in the shot and provides a clean, simple background.

Taking a clear photograph of vinted item

Get a couple of pictures from different angles, making sure to capture any unique details or slight defects in close ups. If there are defects, it’s in your interest to make these known to potential buyers, as you don’t want to risk receiving a bad review for misleading someone.

Remember, honesty is your best policy when it comes to listing your items.

Some tips I’ve found works well when taking pictures:

  • Ensure you get the whole item in the picture
  • Show in natural light – as colours can show differently under different lighting.
  • Snap a close up of the tag, brand, and size.
  • Capture any details or blemishes.
  • Make sure your photo is high quality. Most modern phone cameras are good enough for this!
Selecting photographs of items to sell clothes on vinted

Next, it’s time to describe your items.

When listing your item, the first thing you need to do is provide clarity into what it is that you’re selling.

Do this by giving it a clear but catchy title that mentions the brand name, colour, style, and size.

Adding a title to vinted listing

You can take advantage of the longer description section to share more details on things like: 

  • Size
  • How it fits
  • Condition
  • Materials

Ensure you select the relevant category for your item, for example, if you’re selling a women’s t-shirt, make sure it’s listed under the “Women’s T-shirts” category.

How to describe items on vinted

If you’re selling a particular branded item, you can select the brand.

Selecting the condition is an important step to listing your item as well. If your item is in perfect condition without any defects, selecting “very good” will show the buyer your item is almost perfect.

If your item has a few minor imperfections and is showing signs of light wear, select “Good”.

If, for example, any of your items have stains or holes, select “satisfactory”. Ensure to include any pictures of imperfections, and be sure to list these in the description.

Setting the price can feel like walking a tightrope. 

You need to aim for that sweet spot where you’re happy, and the buyer feels like they’ve struck gold. 

It’s also worth considering that buyers can submit offers to you that will be under your asking price, so you could build that into your pricing strategy.

A pro tip? Check out what similar items are going for on Vinted. Remember, you can always adjust the price later if you’re attracting more window shoppers than serious buyers.

With your items now live on Vinted, it’s time to make patience your best friend. 

People can now see your items, favourite them, submit offers, and even message you with questions.

Item favorited Vinted

This might not happen immediately, but considering the popularity of Vinted, if your item is in demand, you’ll quickly see people engaging with it.

Be open to messaging potential buyers who reach out if they look serious, answer their questions, and maybe even do some friendly negotiation if they make you an offer.

Vinted buyers can make an offer lower than your asking price – you can choose to accept this price, reject, or go back with a counter offer.

There’s no pressure to accept offers, but they are a good way to speed up the sale process.

If your item has been favourited but you haven’t had any offers, you can even send an offer to potential buyers notifying them that your item has dropped in price. It’s a good way to bring more attention back to your item and remind people that they favourited it.

Congratulations, you’ve made a sale! Now, it’s time to send your item off to its new home.

You have up to five working days to ship the item. Because of this, I’d recommend pre-purchasing some shipping bags (recycled paper bags are a great option to keep the process as eco-friendly as possible) so when you make your first sale, you don’t have to scramble to a shop to find suitable shipping bags.

Package it securely, but also consider adding a personal touch. A quick thank you note or a cute sticker can turn a simple purchase into a memorable experience for your buyer and encourage them to leave a great review that’ll show up on your seller profile.

The Vinted buyer will also purchase the shipping for the item. All that you need to do is download the shipping label and follow the shipping instructions, which usually involves taking it to a local drop off point.

With your package neatly tucked away with the shipping service, take a moment to pat yourself on the back. 

Once the buyer receives their new items, they’ll likely leave you a review. Be sure to return the favour. This circle of positive feedback is the lifeblood of the Vinted community.

The more you sell, the more reviews you’ll get, and the more trustworthy your profile will be to future buyers.

If people don’t take the time to leave a review, as long as you posted your item on time and they don’t raise a complaint, you’ll automatically receive a five star review.

Vinted Reviews - How to sell on Vinted

Now you’re an expert on how to sell on Vinted, it’s time to take action! If you follow the steps in this guide, the process will come naturally.

Let us know how you get on in the comments below!


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