How We Choose and Rate Brands

We always rigorously review and vet brands before recommending them.

We also add our Ecothes Opinion to certain articles, especially in our Brand Ratings category.

This is a score between 0 and 5, that takes factors like the following into consideration:

  • Material choice and production process
  • Factory choice and transparency
  • How the brand treats their workers
  • Whether a brand gives back to their community
  • Sustainability certifications and qualifications a brand has

We also acknowledge that we’re not perfect. There is always a chance that after we recommend a brand, they lose a certification or change their process without us immediately noticing.

Because of this, we’d always recommend reading through a brand’s website or getting in touch with them if you’re unsure about purchasing from them.

If you notice a recommendation that has outdated information, make sure to leave a friendly comment letting us know. We regularly review and update our recommendations when we have new information on a brand.

Where possible, we try to test real brands and products to give our honest feedback. Here are some examples of our brand reviews:

We’re always adding new eco-friendly product reviews, so make sure to check back soon.