9 Best Eco Friendly Handmade Plant Pots for 2024

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Spruce up your home and give your plants a stylish and eco-friendly plant pot.

Plants are a great way to add color and refresh your home. They bring a sense of calm and purify the air for a happier, healthier house, but finding an ethical handmade plant pot can be difficult.

Many plastic pots dominate the market. Unfortunately, plastic pots aren’t biodegradable, with many ending up in landfills. However, swapping your plastic plant pot for a sustainable alternative is a great way to refresh your plants without harming the environment.

We’ve curated a list of must-have stylish, sustainable handmade plant pots below that we’re sure you’ll love.

Let’s jump in.

The Best Handmade Eco Friendly Plant Pots for 2022

1. Anne Gates Studio

Anna Gates Studio handmade plant pot

Key Features: Eco-friendly plant pots handcrafted in the USA

Price: From $48

Anne Gates Studio is a women-owned brand, carefully handcrafting sustainable plant pots and ceramics in the USA.

Each unique plant pot is hand thrown, in San Francisco, from recycled clay. The pots are available in small and large styles but limited quantities are available.

These gorgeous Chita ceramic planters are available to shop at Made Trade.

Anna Gates Studio handmade ceramic plant pot

2. Citizenry Cantaro Pots

Citizenry Cantaro clay plant pot

Key Features: Handmade in Mexico in Fair Trade environments from clay

Price: from $295

The Citizenry showcases unique and ethically made home goods from all over the world.

These Cantaro clay pots take three weeks to make and are handmade by artisans in Mexico in fair trade environments.

The pots are available in terracotta and black, making the perfect statement piece to display your plants.

Cataro plastic free planter

3. Ten Thousand Villages

Ten thousand Villages handmade eco friendly plant pot in shape of a dog

Key Features: Ethically handmade terracotta plant pots in animal styles

Price: from $29.99

For a unique plastic plant pot alternative, take a look at these adorable terracotta animal planters from Ten Thousand Villages. The plant pots are ethically handmade by skilled craftspeople in Bangladesh.

These ethical and eco-friendly planters come in different animal shapes and sizes, from snails and cats to elephants and dogs.

Ten thousand Villages handmade eco friendly plant pot in shape of an elephant

4. Canopy Self Watering Planter

LSA International self watering plant pot made with recycled glass

Key Features: Self Watering planter handmade in the UK from recycled materials

Price: from $100

Check out the Canopy self-watering planter by LSA International, which allows plants to look after themselves.

This unique eco-friendly plant pot is mouth-blown from recycled glass and features two compartments, one for water and the other for your plant and soil. The rope sucks water between compartments allowing for easy plant care.

Available to buy on GOODEE.

LSA International self watering plant pot made with recycled glass

5. Katie Mudd 

Katie Mudd handmade plant pot

Key Features: Women-owned, handmade ceramic plant pots, and hanging planters

Price: from $45

Katie Mudd is a specialist ceramic maker based in Portland, Oregon. She hand makes each ceramic plant pot herself, sourcing her materials from local small businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Sourcing her materials locally in Portland allows Katie to reduce her company’s carbon footprint.

Katie Mudd’s unique plant pots and hanging planters are available to shop at Made Trade.

Katie Mudd ceramic plant pot

6. Baba Tree Baskets

Baba Tree handmade basket plant pot

Key Features: Handwoven 100% Vetiver grass basket, made ethically in Ghana.

Price: from $70

Why not house your plant in a striking handwoven basket? We love the selection from Baba Tree, an ethically sourced basket company from Ghana.

Made with woven grass, this basket is eco-friendly and plastic-free.

Check out the selection of Baba Tree baskets on Goodee.

Baba Tree handmade basket plant pot

7. Husk

Husk biodegradable plant pot

Key Features: Biodegradable pots and eco-friendly plant pots made with recycled agriculture waste.

Price: from £8.99

Husk offers a unique alternative to the regular plastic plant pots by combining agricultural waste such as coffee husks and turning them into chic biodegradable planters.

The brand is entirely plastic-free, and its planters are both frost-proof and eco-friendly.

Husk biodegradable planter

8. Nkuku

Nkuku Jara hanging plant pot

Key Features: Hanging planters, ethically made in India.

Price: £18.50

The Nkuku Jara planters allow you to create a unique hanging plant cascade, featuring a secondary hook to hook multiple planters together with ease.

Handmade ethically in India, the terracotta planter suits succulents, herbs, and trailing plants.

Only available for shipping in the UK from Nkuku.

Nkuku Jara terracotta hanging plant pot

9. Make Your Own Planters

Annie Spatt Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/ncQ2sguVlgo

Key Features: Affordable alternatives to buying a plant pot

Price: Varies

If you’re looking for eco-friendly seed starter pots, you can always make your pots from cardboard and other materials you find around the house.

There’s loads of helpful information out there, such as these easy newspaper plant pots and youtube tutorials.

Sustainable Materials

Below we’ve highlighted some key information around some of the materials used in the handmade plant pots in this list:

  • Terra cotta is a natural material made from firing mud and clay. It isn’t biodegradable; however, terracotta is robust and will withstand many years of use indoors and outdoors.
  • Grass baskets: Grass baskets made without plastics are biodegradable and renewable as they are made from fast-growing natural fibers. Common types of grass woven into baskets include jute, vetiver, seagrass, and rattan grass.
  • Recycled glass: Recycling glass is important for environmental reasons, as recycled glass require significantly less energy to create than using virgin materials. Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to power a television for 1 ½ hours.

Wrapping Up: Eco-Friendly Plant Pots

We hope you’ve enjoyed the article, and have found the perfect new plant pot.

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